The Forest of Serenia (aka Serenia Forest, The Forest, or The Woods) is the main inhabited section of Serenia.


The Woods lie between the Great Mountains to the east, the Dark Forest to the north, and the Endless Desert to the west. A river borders its southern edge.

The western edge of the forest fades into a meadow and the brushlands of the desert.

The forest is the home of gnomes, both good and those that like to steal from adventurers.

At one time, due to the magic of Harlin, a section of the forest lay north of the Endless Desert  (directly north of the village of Serenia) divided by a great crevasse. Only the magic of the word Hocus would cause a bridge to appear allowing the Wanderer to cross. This section of the forest was home to a parrot, a bad gnome, and a lion (also obstacles and tricks put in place by Harlin).  Just beyond the crevasse at the start of the forest was a small apparently abandoned house. Several rivers and streams cross through the area (perhaps one leading to the rushing river that borders the southern edge of the kingdom of Serenia). The northern edge of the forest lead to a beach and a section of Northern Sea (another great obstacle created by Harlin). A giant tree overlooked the beach and the ocean.

In time the land was restored after the defeat of Harlin, returning the continent to its current geography. It is unclear if Harlin's section of the woods still remain to the north or north east of the town, or became the woods to the west of town. Woods can be seen to the north beyond the town, and it is many hours to reach the mountains which now form a barrier to the north and east of the town. To the northwest lie the much more claustrophobic Dark Forest.


Behind the scenesEdit

Surprisingly several years before KQ5, during the events of The Wizard and the Princess, the forest didn't exist around the village of Serenia, instead the Desert had surrounded the berg. This was due to the magic of Harlin who created ("moved") the desert around the village, to be an obstacle to those who were trying to defeat him.

There is a 'tall tree' you can climb in WATP. In order to climb it you need to type 'up'.

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