The Forest Well is a landmark outside of Daventry Town Square, a local market town in Daventry, which lies far west of Castle Daventry.

It is well known to be the home of a dragon, and is filled with traps, and other dangers. The [Knights of Daventry]] have been using it as a training site for years. Though most who try to enter it, never return. The entrance to the well is mostly dry, with only a shallow layer of water replenished by underground springs and rivers flowing through the caves below.

The knights have lost many men to the dragon and dangers of the well.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some of the directions get flipped a little, as the camera switches between screens. But it would seem that Well might be slightly north to northeast of the Townsquare of Daventry. And east of the Forest Overlook (lies a few miles outside of Daventry), Graham entered the land from.

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