The Flower of Stench is a nasty smelling flower growing on the shores of the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.


The Flower of Stench is a flower named for its hideous skunk-like odor.[1] Its petals sport fiery colors, and its center is an ugly green. Alexander uses it to trick Tom Trow, the sense gnome of smell on the Isle of Wonder.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the KQ6 hintbook it is called the 'Flower of stench'. It is described as the ugly flower, or the incredibly stinky flower. It is called the flower of stench when offered to Tom Trow, and the gnome refers to it as the "flower of stench". The King's Questions gives it the name 'Flower of Stench'.


  1. Alexander picks the flower and is startled by its hideously strong, skunk-like odor.
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