The Floating Castle  is a floating black castle that appears in King's Quest: The Floating Castle.


It is able fly from nation to nation. It was created by Owen so he could show his daughter Lydia the world. However his apprentice Telgrin took over the castle and stole Owen's staff from him (after attempting to destroy him by beheading him). It is able to land by the use of the Golden Pin. Alexander freed the undead Owen, and returned his staff. He then pulled up the Golden Pin, and got rid of it, so that the castle could never land again and bother other nations. After which he escaped from the castle via a Magical Rope Spell cast by Cyril.

It is also referred to as the Castle in the Clouds.

Some wanderers and adventurers claim to have seen islands that do not float in the waves, but hover above them; enchanted islands, perhaps the homes of great wizards.

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