Fisherman's wife
The Fisherman's Wife was a poor and tattered woman living in Tamir.


She was a tired and grumpy old woman spending most of her days knitting while her husband was out fishing. She took care of her husband's house by cooking and cleaning. She kept a hot pot of coffee warming on the fire for her husband's return.

When Rosella first saw her, she was sitting alone at the the table in the fisherman's shack knitting. When Rosella tried to speak with her, she had little patience and was annoyed by Rosella's presence. She wondered what Rosella was doing in her house. She was busy and didn't have the time to worry about Rosella and told her to leave. After her husband returned they both sat around the table talking, still choosing to ignore Rosella. Later Rosella found her standing at a counter kneading bread dough, still tired and still grumpy.

Later after Rosella gave the couple a pouch of diamonds, she was astonished. Her husband then told her to hand Rosella, his fishing pole in trade. She obediently handed over the pole and thanked Rosella for the kindness. After that she was willing to talk to Rosella, she told her how pleased she was and that she would be able to buy new clothes. When Rosella stopped by later, she saw the lady knitting again, with a look of contentment.

The fisherman once caught an enchanted flounder, and let it go. The fisherman's wife was furious, and commanded him to go back and demand the fish grant him a wish. The fish now owed the man, so it granted his wife's wish for a lovely cottage to replace their shack. This did not satisfy the wife for long, and she sent her husband back to demand a castle from the fish. She got it.

Thus it went; next she wanted to be Emperor, and then Pope. All of these the flounder granted her. At last she demanded to be the Lord of the Universe, with the power to command the rising and setting of the sun. The enchanted fish heard this request and, for her greed, returned the fisherman and his wife to the hovel where they had first lived.

It is likely that these are the same people to whom Rosella gave the bag of diamonds.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ4 Hintbook she is known as 'his Wife' as part of 'The Fisherman and his Wife'.

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