Fireball is a type of magic that appears King’s Quest lore.


Fireball is one of the major spells. It is a powerful spell cast by wizards.

The Fireball spell is one of the spells the Swamp Witch uses when fighting Connor. Cyril cast a much larger fireball when fighting the barikar. Telgrin is also capable of casting focused and controlled fireballs (he uses one to shatter one of the Floating Castle's magic mirrors).[1]

The spell ranges from small fireballs to larger fireballs. In its most powerful forms it appears as stinging light from the wizard's hands, creating a large giant fireball creating a muffled roars as it flies towards its target. The fire engulfs and consumes the enemy reducing them to a skeleton, and then the dark skeleton blast apart, scattering blackened and broken bones everywhere, still burning with tongues of fire. The great fireball continues to boil as it flies beyond, capable of blasting a gaping hole in stone walls creating almost perfect circle, with the edges still extremely hot (and takes a long while to cool). The fireball will cause metal to glow cherry-red when it strikes it, if it doesn't out right melt through it. The fireball is so powerful that it might ricochet off obstacles behind it and come flying back at the caster. Hence the spell is fairly risky to cast, and might kill the caster if he is not careful about controlling the spell.

Casting such great spells takes a toll on the caster, but it might also give the caster a burst of energy, as if their mind is on fire.

A wizard needs to have learned about the spell and how to cast it. It is unclear on the exact process of casting it however. Initially it seems that Cyril's hands were glowing and he was mutter and repeating a certain phrase under his breath over and over again (but it snot clear if that was for the spell or just to prepare his body to cast the spell).

In many examples it doesn't seem to require much beyond the spellcasters mind to cast (often doesn't require any incantations, hand gestures (other than moving their robes away and shooting the fireball out of their hands/fingers), nor a wand to cast, but seems come from pure mental or emotional energy). However, with out experienced practice and control the spell might come out more powerful than intended (increasing the risk for the caster).

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Reboot CanonEdit

Fireball (KQGS) is one of the magic spells from the The Sorcery of Old (KQGS).

First you get fired up, and then you snap.


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