Fate is a concept often tied to destiny and prophecies.


Fate is not like the cut of a blade, but rather like the myriad of paths when a hammer cracks ice. There are various possible paths to ones' destiny.[1] People have a choice in defining what fate actually occurs (though in some cases it may be defined by the Three Fates).


  • Cassim'as parents speaks of "the fates".[2]
  • The Winged One Guards speak of 'The Fates'.[3]
  • Bump-on-the-log speaks of 'Fate'.[4]
  • The Oracle speaks of 'Fate'.
  • KQ8 box mentions Fate.[5]
  • When the forces of the Floating Castle attacked Daventry, it had already been many years since Daventry last had to prepare for war. Graham had hoped that this day would never come, that Daventry would never again need to take up arms against an invader. He had hoped. But it seemed that fate had decreed otherwise. Despite this only Alexander ended up taking up arms against the intruders. Since the other knights that tried ended up injured or dead.

Behind the scenes Edit

"Fate" is a concept that often brought up in the games and novels. It is sometimes, in rare instances, referred to as a proper noun, and sometimes singular and sometimes plural (with the latter being a personification of 'fate/fates' which appear in KQ7)..

In most uses, it usually refers to as an abstract idea/concept. Sometimes it is something set in stone that cannot be changed, but other times its something people can change based on their choices/actions, in this way fate can be determined.[6][7][8]

In many cases 'fate' is used a description for 'death'/'end' or other negative outcomes/situations in life, often with a heavy sense of finality. Some fates can be 'worse than death'.[9] Such as the 'fate' of Alexander becoming a slave to Manannan (and awaiting his final fate at the hands of the Wizard unless he makes his escape), or Telgrin making the statement "Your companion has already sealed his fate.".

Or it might refer to a important event, or omen. "Fateful day". Sometimes it is one 'fate' that heroes of the games/stories attempt to thwart by going on their adventures to find a better outcome. For example Rosella knew she held the fate of others, and the entire world was in her hands and it all depended on how well she aimed the arrow when shooting Lolotte.

Fate may have many twists, and fate could often be unfair. By this it seems in some usages 'fate' can also be similar/compared to 'chance'/fortune/luck having a somewhat random quality to it or simply coincidence. "pure fate".

TOG UniverseEdit

In the reboot universe 'fate' is something you determine for yourself. It is not something that defines the direction of your life.[10][11] Though some believe 'fate is set in stone', that the same fate will occur no matter if someone is there to try to stop it, or to cause it.[12] Fate can be fortuitous.[13]


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