Farquhar was a young man who replaced Master Rokaill as Rosella's tutor, when his age was beginning to take its toll.


Originally from Mertili, he grew up in a large town there, where he walked everywhere. His mother was afraid of horses, since she was thrown off of one. His father was a farrier so he wasn't allowed to visit him while he was working since he worked with horses. He came from a family of twelve kids. He also lived with his Grandma Bethina, his aunts, Auntie Inni, and Auntie Panni.[1]

He had applied for the Magicians' Academy but failed the entrance exams so worked various odd jobs including;

Cook, spider catcher, charcoal burner, dockhand, and sailor.[2] Mucking stables and ferrying crates. He tutors in geography, science, mathematics, philosophy, and the basics of spell casting.[3] He once served on a trade vessel between Mertili and the Blue Islands, and learned to draw before returning back home. He also learned much talking in pubs.

He is especially learned in the knowledge of the sciences.

When he applied the second time at the Magicians' Academy he got in. But he didn't get very good grades, and failed the Academy, becoming a tutor instead.

He helped defeat the weevils that were destroying Daventry.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

He is not much older than Rosella, but he had done more and experienced more than she ever would, or at least ever did up to the point they met.

Farquhar is a failed magician, as he was not able to pass all of his exams at the Magicians' Academy, as such is not a trained magician, and is at least amatuer at best (he does have knowledge and use of a few spells).

He has striking ice-blue colored eyes. They were brilliant, vivid, shining blue eyes. They smolder when he is angry. They flash vividly with emotion.


  • Master Farquhar
  • Master
  • Sir Magician
  • Mister I-Failed-the-Magicians'-Academy

Behind the scenesEdit

He is entitled "Master"[5], and "Sir Magician" and "Mister I-Failed-the-Magicians'-Academy" (by Rosella).[6]

It seems to be hinted that he was originally from Mertili, as he was working on odd jobs from his town, at one point served on a trading vessel that was between nation and the Blue Islands. The ship later returned 'home' from the blue islands.


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