Valanice Talks to the Archduke while in Falderal.

Falderal (aka Town of Falderal) is a wacky and colorful town (city actually) located in Nonsense Land of Eldritch, where everything is not truly as it seems and many of the physical laws are bent. The town is populated by animal-like creatures such as Mock Turtles and others. The Mayor of town is Archduke Fifi le Yipyap. The citizens of Falderal are known as Falderalians, or Falderal Folk.


The town includes a China Shop owned by a bull, Fernando, Ersatz's Faux Shop and the Snake Oil Salesman's cart. The Town Hall of Falderal is run by Archduke Fifi le Yipyap.

The town of Falderal enjoys a variety of shops, characters and hidden secrets. Upon entering, one can see a Victorian styled building, the China Shop, which is oddly run by a formal mannered bull, Fernando. The Faux Shop is also one of Falderal's prized places. Besides supplying the Town Hall with rubber trees, it is run by an eccentric Mock Turtle, Ersatz, who specializes in selling the most bizarre and unusual goods. Near the Faux Shop, there is also a small cart that is run by a Snake Oil Salesman who likes to swindle as many people he can meet. Interesting characters in the town of Falderal includes just about everyone. From the Mocking bird in the tree to the guard door, every animal displays a unique personality. The most noted ones are the Hippopotamus lady, Chicken Petite, a Badger Guard who guards the town hall, and a beaver who sits by Yipyap's birthday cake.

Despite its wacky and bizarre personality, Falderal holds many deep secrets. It is said to hold the Magic Statuette which has the power to predict the future and it is rumored that the passageway to the Vulcanix Underground is located somewhere in the town, more specifically, in Yipyap's parlor located in the Town Hall.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name "falderal" is appropriate for the town, as the word means "nonsense".
  • Fernando is a reference to the expression "bull in a china shop", meaning a reckless person
  • The faux shop is indeed "faux", the French word for fake, as it appears to be simply a stage prop (a façade).
    • It is accessed once you "take it with a grain of salt" (literally), from an expression meaning not to believe it entirely.
  • The town architecture and even clothing style is reminiscent to the Baroque period.
  • The music of Falderal is a silly version of that of the Bountiful woods
  • Archduke Fifi is a French poodle, from dogs formerly popular at circuses because of their intelligence.
  • Falderal could be viewed as this game's equivalent of the Isle of Wonder.

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