Fairy Island
Fairy Island (aka Genesta's Island) is the enchanted island which lies on the northwestern edges of the Great Sea Ocean, the sea of Tamir.


It is the location of Genesta's ivory palace, the Ivory Tower and the home of fairies that protect her. A peaceful garden surrounds the palace and is filled with unusual and lovely trees and beautiful flowers. A lovely hedge borders the garden between the beach. On the western side of the garden is a small mirror-like pond, a bridge emblazoned with swans crosses over the pond. The eastern side of the garden has a statue depicting two dolphins leaping gracefully from a wave. Flagstone paths can be found throughout the garden circling the palace, the pond, and the statue. Many exotic birds live on the island. Including parrots, swans, and peacocks.



  • Fairy Island
  • Good Fairy Island
  • Genesta's Island


Behind the scenesEdit

In the KQ4 Hintbook, Genesta is referred to as 'The Good Fairy, Genesta'.[1]

Genesta's Island (unofficial)Edit

Genesta's Island appears in fan fiction including the game King's Quest ZZT series, see Genesta's Island (unofficial).


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