The Fairy Godmother is a Fairy and also the godmother (and grandmother) of Graham who protects him.


She became Graham's  Fairy Godmother from his birth, and apparently watched over him through his life. When she saw that Graham was to meet his fate saving Daventry, she cast an aura around him that would protect him from roaming wolves, dwarfs, sorcerer, and ogres.

Graham thanked his Grandma, but wished she had shown up sooner, so he could have avoided the mishaps he had earlier with the wolf, ogre, and dwarf.

She continued to watch over Graham, and later attended Graham's wedding in Kolyma.

Cinderella also had a fairy godmother. Cinderella's godmother was a fairy who carries a magic wand that had the power to transform things--the girl's ugly clothes into a beautiful gown, is a case in point. It is of course not known if Cinderella's godmother is the same fairy that became Graham's godmother or not.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

She takes on many appearances, including with wings or without. She speaks in more formal dialect of the Common language.

Tiles and nicknamesEdit

  • Fairy Godmother
  • Grandma
  • Mom

Behind the scenesEdit

This is largely inspired by Cinderella, though the concept of Fairy Godmothers does appear in other stories. In the Companion Graham refers to her as his "Grandma".

The spell will protect Graham from a variety of enemies including the dragon, wolf, giant, witch, dwarfs, sorcerer and ogres.

This is actually a way to take the mirror from the dragon without defeating it. It is possible to return the dragon after obtaining the shield, and triggering the melted shield death in the SCI version.

IN KQ1 SCI she can be referred to as 'mom' in the parser.

This is one of the references that implies Graham was born and raised in Daventry (though its not the most specific), as the original manual suggests that she is a citizen of Daventry, and the games (as in the various versions of KQ1) suggest she has been watching over Graham all his life. The companion also seems to suggest that she was watching him his entire life.

If she is actually Graham's 'grandmother' (assuming she is the mother of Hereward, or the mother of Graham's mother) that means he is at least part fairy.

Reboot CanonEdit

In the New King's Quest series its reimagined that he came from another country instead. There is an unused death scene that makes reference to his Fairy Godmother.[2]


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