Fairie is the name of the kingdom in the Old Wood and alternative name for the race living there.[1]


Ahi'aorina Culatha is a Queen of Fairie for the Old Wood. The denizens of Fairie are often jealous of their privacy. The inhabitants of Fairie are unpredictable and easily offended. If they are offended, there is no telling what they might do.[2]

Passage into the realm is marked by a barrier where the air appears to shimmer. The realm of Fairie can appear or disappear from reality. Where Culatha's court exists, it can later vanish, leaving an empty glade. With that the light of Fairie is gone leaving only the black and threatening forest.[3] This way her court is able to move about the Old Woods.

The court of Faerie is often filled with dancers, musicians and revelers during times of the fairy fête. The realm is bright and lit.

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The term Fairie appears to be used in a similar way as the Fairy Kingdom, although it generally refers specifically to the woodland faeries of the Old Wood and their kingdom there. It may refer to similar fairies found throughout the Old Woods of the world.

Queen Culatha states that she is 'a queen of Fairie' which points out that there must be other queens. It us unclear if she is speaking of the kingdom or the race in general in that instance however. However, as Alexander points out later, she must be the main queen of the Fairie in the Old Wood.


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