Etheria (aka Kingdom of Etheria[1],Faerieland, Faerie[2],Land of Clouds[3], the Land in the Clouds, Cloudland)[4] is a heavenly kingdom that floats in the clouds above the world of Eldritch.

Background Edit

It is the home of faerie race, ruled by Titania and Oberon. Etheria is a land set upon the clouds, and many of the deities and powers of the world reside there, along with other mystical and magical people and beings. Some are even known in the world of Daventry.

Etheria is a land of clouds, rainbows, beauty and sweet song, and one of its greatest places is its amazing city of the same name. Time moves faster in Etheria than it does in Daventry.

In KQVII Valanice traveled there to garner help for saving Eldritch from the exploding volcano.

Though it is also referred to as the Cloudland, it is a different region than the Land of the Clouds in the world of Daventry.



  • Malicia didn't mind if all Eldritch was covered in slag, if the blight of Etheria was gone. The power of the volcano was enough to take the rest of the world with it.[6]
  • Etheria may be for the Realm of Eldritch what Realm of the Sun is for the people of Daventry, more or less the realm of the Gods both lie far above the physical earthy plane below them, and are ruled by powerful deities: The Faerie Court of Etheria and Archons respectively.


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