Ents are a species of sentient trees which live in the World of Daventry.


They are dangerous inhabitants of the Scary Woods of Tamir. They are living trees willing to kill any who would try to enter their domain.[1]

The trees in the scary forest are not at all like the trees in the Land of Oz. There, in Gilliken country, is a grove of willows that bother people by laughing at them as they pass by. They are cousins, of course, to the weeping willows. There are also stories of trees that throw their apples at a person if they try to pick them. Other sentient trees live in the Old Wood and Old Woods around the world. In The Swamp near the Kingdom of Daventry resides the wise Oracle of the Tree, but also corrupted and monsterous Mandragor Trees. Other animated or sentient trees live on the Isle of Wonder as well.

Not all sentient trees are dangerous and some are the product of magic turning humans into trees such was the case with Alicia and Morowyn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tolkien fans will know what they are. The 'Ents' in KQ4 look more like huorns.

Tree spirits such as Dryads were originally going to appear in King's Quest 7, see KQ7 development.


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