The Endless Desert is a very large desert in western Serenia, that reaches to the western sea.


The Endless Desert is populated by nomadic bandits. An ancient desert temple is built into the cliffs along the northern cliffs of the desert. It is scattered with several oasis and an old well. Snakes, scorpions, buzzards, and roadrunners are fauna often encountered in the desert. The King of the Snakes resides here as well. Cactus grew in sections of the desert as well, cliff wall bounds the desert to the north.

Not so many years ago, Harlin called on the elements to to expand the desert to surround the village of Serenia to create an obstacle in order to try to stop the wanderer from from reaching his castle, at the time the north side of the desert was bounded by a canyon put there by Harlin. To the north of the canyon lay woods that grew beside the northern sea. Following his defeat in time the desert and woods returned to their original locations.

In present times; The endless desert of Serenia begins on the western border of the Sovereignty of Serenia. The only life in it is the bandits who live in an encampment far from its edge. Only they know the whereabouts of the few meager oases, and they guard the secret with blooded blades. Parts of this desert were once inhabited by a people who worshiped an unknown god, and who attempted the practice of technology. Something went wrong and the land was burnt barren. All was destroyed except the stone temple to the god, and the scorpions. All other people, cities, plants, birds and animals vanished in a flash of fire. It is said in Serenia that they are not missed.[1]

There is an Endless Desert in the Realm of Eldritch as well, however, it is usually known as The Desert. The deadly desert in Llewdor is another of Daventry's many deserts, hot and dry, and endless. This is likely a property of the universe itself; always inventing itself, the edges of the world must blur and seem to go on forever.


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This desert is given the name the Endless Desert in KQC, though KQ5 Hintbook also describes edges of it as the Endless Desert. In KQ5 Hintbook, its usually just referred to as 'The Desert' or the 'Desert'. A name it shares with 'The Desert' in KQ7. The Official Book of King's Quest 2nd Edition, refers to it as Endless Desert, the Desert, and the Great Desert.


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