Eluki bes shahar is the 'editor' and 'receiver' of a document from Derek Karlavaegen.


Eluki bes shahar is a woman Peter Spear claims called him from the other side of the country. Who claimed she had received his name from a friend who strongly suggested they speak to each other. Eluki told him that on 3 separate occasions she received a mysterious document from Derek Karlavaegen. The Documents would appear on her computer after she shut it down for the evening. All she knew was it appeared to be a court chronicle from someplace named Daventry. As they chatted it became clear to Spear that the woman had never played adventure games, she didn't even know such things existed. She hadn't even heard of the name of KQ1. She sent him a copy of the document, which he found was similar to the form and style of the documents he had previously received from Derek. A week later Derek sent him a copy of the same document, though it had some other material included as well. He then tried to call Roberta Williams, but got a hold of Jane Jensen instead who told him that they were working on a new game... Ms. bes shahar went off to sort out her bizarre part in the incident; she was not sure of the truth of what happened, but was convinced of its reality.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eluki bes shahar is the pseudonym for the professional fantasy author, Rosemary Edghill.[1]

In reality eluki bes shahar was the author of the KQ6 novella section of King's Quest Companion, but the conceit for the story is that it came from Derek Karlavaegen.

Note: She spells the pseudonym in lowercase letters.

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