The efreeti are a dark and miserable race of smoke-like shadowy creatures with the ability to shape shift, shrink or grow in size[1]. In their true forms they appear black and unfathomable like the shadows of the moon.[2] They are rare and infernal creatures.[3]


One efreeti, Kuzgu took on the shape of an imp, as well as a monstrous dragon-like creature. The creature had a long toothy snout, long, thick legs with backwards canted knee, wide chest rippling with muscles, curving black talons coming out of creatures hands. The creatures faces are invisible, except for glowing red eyes.[4] They are rare creatures that come from another plane of existence other than Daventry, they are not creatures of the natural world. Only powerful magic can bring them into being. It may be impossible to destroy them, at least not without magic just as strong.[5]

They have a weakness to silver, [6] silver sinks into their flesh, causing crimson light to shine from the wound, and they shrink and wilt in response, becoming a blob-like slug of shadow and darkness, that moves like an inchworm. In this form, they are heavy and cold to the touch. A mere touch will cause fingers to grow numb, and arms to ache to the cold.[7] In this state they sticky, latching onto whatever it touches with great strength.[8] Pseudopods can emerge from the mass, and it can see wit a single eye, and has a small jagged slit of a mouth. They are rarely brought to this state however. In a short time they begin to grow and regain their power it's weight increases with its size. But silver cannot not destroy them. It takes magic just as strong as the creature to banish it.

Their black form appears to ripple.[9]

Wounds caused by an efreeti do not heal quickly and causes much pain.[10] Efreeti are also capable of magic, such as clouding the thoughts of others, through power and its voice. Efreeti absorb the power of others, and become stronger from it. Though they can then pass this power on to others, as was the case with Kuzgu and glamour manarvel.

Behind the scenesEdit

Being creatures of shadow and the infernal, perhaps they originate out of the AbyssBlack Abyss, or possibly hell.

Their description of their weakened form, appears to be similar to the nightmare creatures.

The term efreeti comes from efreet which were a magical creature in Arabic lore, a type of djinn. The efreeti, more or less a Dungeons and Dragon's version of an Ifrit djinn. The efreet are genies from the Elemental Plane of Fire, which are said to be made of basalt, bronze, and congealed flames.


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