Eastern continent is a continent on the World of Daventry


The eastern continent is the location of many Faery woods.[1] The continent may be the Serenia (sometimes referred to as the continent of Daventry), where Daventry is located. Daventry is a location were Old Woods can be found.

However, the continent of Kolyma lies to the south and east of Daventry, and is also has forests that are home to fairies.

Another continent could be The North. At one time Harlin divided the continent of Serenia and moved the Great Mountains to the northeast, and created a vast ocean inbetween beyond the Unknown. Beyond the mountains lay Harlin's castle. It iwasn't restored until the time between Rosella came back and Graham traveled to Serenia.

It is less likely to refer to any continents east of the continent of Serenia, as that way leads to the Edge of the World (or loops back to the west).


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