An Eagle is a large meat-eating bird of prey with sharp eyes and powerful wings. Graham saved an eagle's life in the Snowy Mountain near Serenia, and the grateful bird returned the favor.


The eagle was the military standard for the Roman armies, and the bald eagle is the emblem of the United States. Benjamin Franklin thought that this was not a good idea and proposed, instead, that the turkey was a better choice. Franklin considered the eagle a carrion-eater and opportunist. He thought the turkey, which is native to North America, to be cleaner, smarter, more useful, and possessing better habits--all in all, a better choice to represent a nation.[1]

After walking down the mountain path in Llewdor, Gwydion sees an eagle flying around. It drops a feather near Gwydion, and he uses that feather to cast "Flying like an eagle/fly" spell. Then he can become an eagle each time he dips the feather into rose essence.

Graham saved an eagle's life in the icy mountains above Serenia, and the grateful bird returned the favor. Graham discovered the bird near Icebella's realm in Great Mountains suffering from starvation. The king gave the last bit of his leg of lamb to save the bird. Later, the eagle saved Graham's life from being eaten by a roc.

Sinbad had once escaped from the same valley by using eagles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The eagle as it appears in KQ3 and the larger one in KQ5 are both based on the bald eagle. The bald eagle is one of the anachronistic references that appear in a generally European-style medieval nation, including references to hummingbirds and Swiss cheese, among many other things.


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