The Dwarf Tree (or Dwarf's Tree[1]) was the home of the dwarf living in Kolyma.[2]


A door is built into the living trunk of an enormous oak tree in Kolyma, whose branches spread dozens of yards in every direction. A stovepipe poked an arm out of the bark just a little below the tree's lowest branches. Like the tree, the door was oak.

Just beyond the door is an empty chamber in the hollowed-out tree, a sort of anteroom at the top of a ladder that went down through a hole in the floor. The smell of food floated up from the room below. The narrow ladder leads to a passageway. The passageway led from the bottom of the rungs into a fragrant and cozy room. A fire blazed, working its magic on a pot of what looked like chicken soup. On a table next to the hearth lay a pair of stocking caps. Across the room sat an old chest, its hinges hanging loose.

Graham ran into the door trying to escape Hagatha, knocking it open. He chose to explore the house. Once inside the living space, Graham opened the chest in order to find out something about the inhabitant of the unique home. He discovered a pair of delicate diamond and sapphire earrings. As he gently picked them up to admire them, he noticed a second item of jewelry, the piece the earrings had been nestled upon. It was the brooch that had been stolen from him by the dwarf. Graham took both jewels. Graham chose to separate Citizen Bandit from his supper to avenge the dwarf having stolen the brooch from him.

With that, Graham took the pot of soup and climbed up the ladder toward the front door.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the KQ2 hintbook, this is known as the Door in Tree on the map.

References Edit

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