Dunstan was a kindly giant originally from Hibestian Range.


When Dunstan was living high in the mountains of the Hibestian Range when he met Kuzgu who pretended to be his friend and lead him to and invited him live in Sorrowing Court and to keep it as his own. While Dunstan lived at the court he began to feel much sadness, and Kuzgu tricked Dunstan into imprisoning Ahi'aorina in the castle as he was told it would help bring happiness to Dunstan and the court. This resulted in unbalance in nature causing winter to continue in the land. Both Dunstan and Ahi'aorina's energy was being fed upon by Kuzgu, causing a deep melancholy in Dunstan, and almost killing Ahi'aorina. Later he learned about Kuzgu's treachery and that Karn Megiddo was behind the plot, and was collecting their energy so that he could become the most powerful wizard in the world. The Queen, Dunstan, and a few other allies were eventually rescued by King Graham.

Giants from the Hibestian range have a unique ability of creating sparks by rubbing their beards between their hands. Dunstan used this ability to create a fire for his new friends after the escape from Sorrowing Court.

After the defeat of Karn Megiddo outside of the Sorrowing Court, he had marched for his own home from the start.[1]

Personality and traits Edit

He is twenty foot tall behemoth.

Behind the scenesEdit

He maybe based on the cloud giant in King's Quest 1.


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