Dreamland (aka Land of Dreams and Realm of Dreams), and is ruled by Lady Mab who lives there. It it is another world in the multiverse.


It is a different plain of existence[1], that consists of a desert-like cloudy area in the skies with a warped clock, rocky outcrop with stalactites and stalagmites, a cactus, a giant skull, and a column. Each representing five lands of the waking world of Eldritch. Below that area lies the Dream Sea. the Island of Dreams is located in the middle of the sea.

The Land of Dreams exists in a parallel world in one that cannot be reached via the waking world. While others may reach the world through dreams created by the Dream Weaver, the best way visit the realm is through the use of Dream Silk which puts the user into a deep slumber, and takes the user nearly directly to the part of the land ruled by Queen Mab. With the use of Tapestry the dreamer has more direct control over where they travel in the land.

The only physical way for mortal individuals to visit the land is the use of the Tapestry of Dreams a flying carpet-like cloth that takes the rider directly to the realm.

Queen Mab is able to pass between the realm of dream and the waking realm without any difficulty.

Behind the scenesEdit

The warped clock may be an allusion to "The Persistence of Memory" by surrealist Salvador Dali. Though technically it doesn't have the melted appearance of that artwork, instead limited to bent clock hands, and the shifted numbers that appear to be oozing off the face of the clock.

The clock does share some similarities to the twisty/warped architecture of the land of Falderal (in particular inside the Town Hall). The rocky outcrop looks like something out of the Vulcanix Underground, the cactus comes from the The Desert, the giant skull looks to be something from Ooga Booga, and the column looks like it could be representative of Etheria itself.


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