Dragons are large flying reptilian beasts.

Well Dragons  are a species of dragon that live under ground in caves, often under well.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Three-headed dragon does not appear in Chapter 4 during the events inspired by and replace KQ3 in Reboot Canon universe. In this universe Alexander returns to a peaceful universe and does not have to protect his family. In the game's script is a line about how the event with the Three-headed dragon never happened. The game also portrays him as returning without having to rescue Rosella. It can be assumed three-headed dragons do not 'exist' in the universe until they are actually mentioned...

A discussion between Gwendolyn and Graham would have addressed the existence or non-existence of the dragon, and why it doesn't appear in the story.

Three-headed dragons are mystical species of dragons rumored to exist in World of Daventry (KQGS).

While they are rumored to exist no one has been able to confirm or deny their existence. One legend suggests that upon his return to Daventry, Alexander rescued his sister from a three-headed dragon. However, according to the cut discussion, this was a tall tale that made it into the story when people kept repeating the story over and over again. The story had gotten a little away with itself.

In the original series Graham's return to Daventry ended with Alexander saving the kingdom and his sister from destruction by a Three-headed Dragon. This is not the case in the Reboot Canon, where no dragon was encountered, and in which the meeting itself was more mundane... If anything only thing Alexander saved them from was a mountain of work with rules and addendums, giving Graham time to take a vacation.

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