Dr. Brain is a character Rosella and Graham once each encountered across the Sierra multiverse.


Dr. Brain encountered Rosella while traveling in the woods of Daventry. The man in a white coat was writing furiously in his notebook.  Rosella thought he was related to Larry Laffer as they both wore white. However, Dr. Brain corrected her. His genetics were entirely separate from Mr. Laffer's. He had taken her football, to conduct metallurgical tests on it. But when he tossed it into the air to test its aerodynamics, it got caught in some kind of timepod flown by Roger Wilco.  He pointed the direction it went.

Graham would later encounter Dr. Brain and they would challenge each other to card games. But they didn't have much to say to each other.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dr. Brain is the great-great grandson of Dr. Cranium of the Quest for Glory IV. He appears in two Sierra games The Castle of Dr. Brain, and Island of Dr. Brain.

Extra additional puzzles appear in the Castle of Dr. Brain manual. Some references to King's Quest are made these include; Cat Cookie, Crown, Dink Hairpin, Lantern, Mandrake Root, Marionette, Rose, Flute, Golden Bridle, Golden Ring, Locket, and Lute. Another puzzle has both 'necklace, marionette and cat cookie.

Another puzzle called Tommy's Mixed-Up Titles makes reference to King's Quest 2, King's Quest 3, King's Quest 4, King's Quest 5.

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