Dorothy was a young girl from Kansas in the United States of America who traveled to the Land of Oz.[1]


She obtained a pair of Ruby Slippers from a wicked witch in Oz. The slippers had the magical property with which one clicks their heals together and says "There is no place like home!" would return the wearers to their home. When another dreaded wicked witch sent her minions to attack Dorothy's friends traveling to Emerald City, she summoned them by blowing on a silver whistle.[2]

Dorothy later used the slippers was brought back to her home.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Dorothy" is a reference to Dorothy Emily Gale from the Oz books by L. Frank Baum. The references to wicked witches are in reference to the Wicked Witches of the West and East.

If the Land of Oz is somehow connected to the World of Daventry, and Earth as well. It would seem that Dorothy may have been one of the few that travelled between the multiverse, without being blocked by the 'one-way travel' rule.


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