Dolphins are large, aquatic mammals who live in the seas and large rivers.


Highly intelligent and with their own language, they are not fish. Dolphins have always appeared playful in the presence of humans, and there are going back thousands of years of them playing alongside sailing ships. Many of these stories speak about dolphins sometimes aiding and rescuing people who have found themselves lost at sea, and there are also many stories of people riding them. In ancient Greece, the dolphin was sacred to the Oracle at Delphi and even gave the sacred place its name.[1]

Dolphins swim in the Great Sea Ocean near Tamir and all the way south as the Southern Sea.

A bottle-nose dolphin came to Rosella's rescue after she blew a whistle. The dolphin carried her from Shipwreck Island back to the shore of Tamir.[2]

Dolphins are often used in artwork including statues and fountains.[3]

In the Ancient Ones language the Dolphin is the animal that represents the letter O.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the KQ4 Hintbook, the dolphin is referred to as 'A Dolphin'.

Dolphins along with sharks appear in KQ2. The main physical difference is the direction of the tail. Sharks also have gill slits, and are larger.


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