Dogs are often domestic mammals (though some may be wild) often used as pets.


Kenny was the dog in the general store of Port Bruce.

The Ogre family had a black bulldog.

A yellow dog belonged to Tilly and her brothers.

A stray dog was attacking the ant hill in KQ5.

A dog could be seen in the country inn, belonging to the Innkeeper.

Another dog belonged to the Shoemaker's and lived in his store.

Black Valiant was loyal pet of the Tsepish family.

Malicia owned a small dog named Cuddles.

In the Ancient Ones language the Dog is the animal that represents the letter S.

The Guard Dogs are a race of large humanoid dogs.


  • Sheepdog
  • Bulldog

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ1SCI the wolf is also classifed as a 'dog' in the parser.

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