Dink is a fierce, large, and brutish creature and the brother of Sam.[1] Dink was the guardian of the dungeon maze under the wizard Mordack's castle. Graham played the tambourine for him, which Dink took, and then he dropped his hairpin as he left the room. The hairpin turned out to be the key to the exit of the dungeon Maze. He was friends with his brother and the imprisoned Princess Cassima.


It is unknown just what kind of a creature the Dink really is. It looks to be a cross between an ogre, a lion, a witch and a wardrobe, and it gets its name from the sound it always likes to make, "Dink! Dink! Dink!". Princess Cassima called it Dink to King Graham, but she might as well have called it Sam. She claims that Dink has a brother by that name, and it can only be assumed that the creature goes around making the sound "Sam! Sam! Sam!".

Dink is a simple-minded creature with keen hearing. Cassima told Alexander that it enjoys the sounds and rhythms of music. She also claimed that it spends many hours taking care of its hair, always forming and re-forming it into different kinds of braids, pony tails and top-knots. Dink, she said, could always be found by following a trail of hairpins and clasps.[2]

Dink, for want of a better name--patrols and protects the Labyrinth Maze under Mordack's Castle. Dink was trained by the wizard to let no one leave the maze alive. Dink, however, is more stupid than deadly, although, to attack him is fatal enough. Princess Cassima was able to befriend Dink and his brother Sam. This warm human contact probably had much to do with Graham's opportunity to survive his encounter with the deadly beast.


He is a big, dumb beast called Dink (named by Princess Cassima...probably having to do with his manner of speech.) Dink isn't a bad beast; he's just big and dumb, and doesn't know his own strength.[3]

Titles and nicknames Edit

  • Dink
  • Blue Beast (NES/EGA)

Behind the scenesEdit

In the PC version of KQ5, he can only be found in 4 rooms of the labyrinth, forcing Graham to have to look for him.

In the NES version of KQ5, Dink is only located in a single room ('corner' of the labyrinth') in almost the center of the maze proper. Graham can play the tambourine from any room in the dungeon and Dink will come hopping by Graham to take it (making it easier than simply hunting for him).

In the EGA and NES versions dink is blue (though he also appears grey in the EGA death scene). He is grey in the VGA versions of the game.


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