Deserts are dry, barren regions, usually sparsely inhabited.


It is a misconception that all deserts are hot. The Arctic, for instance, is considered a desert by some scientists--the air is dry with little or no precipitation. Few live there, the conditions are so harsh. On the other hand, in the Other World they often build cities in the deserts, piping in water and conditioning the air in order to make the places inhabitable. Many call this progress. Others call it Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas, Barstow, or LA.

In Daventry there are many deserts, usually hot and dry, and usually endless. This is likely a property of the universe itself; always inventing itself, the edges of the world must blur and seem to go on forever.[1] An Endless Desert can also be found in the Realm of Eldritch another world of the Multiverse.

Rapunzel was stranded in a desert by the witch Dame Gothel.

In the Green Isles, islands come and go; some transmogrify from wood to jungle to desert to mountain to sea.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

Hakim exclaims "By the desert sands!", but there is no information to which desert he refers to. It maybe one of the unknown 'desert' islands that are said to appear in the Green Isles.

See Deserts (unofficial) for information from the fan games.


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