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Demons are evil creatures often associated with hell.


Demon that guards the Hall of Truth


Rock demons are found in the Underground Realm of the Gnomes.

Pyro demons exist in the Barren Region. They live in burning lava. They pop up and throw globs of searing hot lava at their enemies to defend their home.

Frost demons live in the Frozen Reaches. They are large and shaggy beasts of the ice realm. They are very strong and often travel in packs. They are slow-moving and rather dumb.

Shadow demons exist only in the Realm of the Sun. They are able to appear from out of the walls and floor, often in groups.

A demon was summoned by Ulan Vasx in order to defeat the weevils in the Duchy of the Solicitous Boar. It burrowed into the ground taking the weevils with it. However the kingdom was left a desert by its cursed touch.

Another type of demon guards the Hall of Truth.

Daemons or evil spirits may be trapped in bottles.[1]

Demons are also summoned by sorcerers to be their servants.

Terrible demons are held inside of Pandora's Box.[2] Some of the demons are black, some are grey, some are green, and some are pink.

Lucreto was, The Father, of demons and abominations, and brought forth sin to the world.

Behind the scenes[]

If Rosella opens Pandora's box the various terrible demons held within are shown escaping. They fly out to random parts of the screen.

The red demon found in the Hall of Truth is known as the vicbeast or vicious in the files (short for vicious beast).


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