Demagogue Dan (aka Daniel) is great magician and demagogue. He is well known for his Spell of the Fiery Furnace.[1]


When Daniel was young he was among those captured from Israel and taken to Babylon. The children of Israel grieved for their captive and exile. They hung harps in willow trees.[2] While there he became a wise demagogue and magician for the king of Babylon. The king in his pride built a statue of himself out of gold. When his friends magician failed to bow before the statue and the king, he had them tossed into a Fiery Furnace. They survived, and Daniel was inspired by the event to create the Spell of the Fiery Furnace.

Many events in Daniel's life are recorded in the Bible.

Behind the scenesEdit

Obviously a reference to the magi Daniel, from the Book of Daniel in the Bible.

The above account is based on vague references in King's Quest Companion, and See No Weevil. It includes conjecture inspired by the biblical story (as partially referenced in The King's Quest Companion (1st and 2nd Editions)).


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