Death's Door is the entrance to the Sanctum of Azriel. Thus all spirits in Daventry are shepherded to the door to have audience with Lord Azriel. Just before Gwennie's brother died, he knew he was about to proceed to Death's Door.[1]

Farquhar was at death's door after being bitten by the poisonous warrior weevils. Only a cure to the poison could keep him from crossing through it.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the 2000.msg file in the game files, are programmer's notes that discuss the intent and purpose of Death's Door. It is specifically shown that the door into Sanctum of Azriel is the Death's Door the one opened by beams from the Pedestals of Death. But symbolically the portal into the DOD from the mausoleum might be seen as Death's Door, as the opposite portal on the other side is the Gate to Life. The latter interpretation appears to exist in Seen No Weevil, where the person near death was at the door on the edge of death and life.


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