Death is the natural force opposing Life. There are several personifications of Death as well.


Death may refer to the process of dying. It is a long sleep. Death is a translation to a spiritual existence.[1] There are also several individuals who are personifications of death, who are connected to Daventry and the multiverse's various afterlives.

Death fascinates men the world round, and there are as many philosophies about what comes after this life as there are, it seems, lives which end.[2]

Death itself is not necessarily evil, but aspects of it may lean towards Chaos and Dark side of natural forces. However most of the personifications of Death make sure that there realms are kept in Order. However those who die may find their souls move onto places that represent the Light and Good side of natural Order.

Within the Dimension of Death those who die are brought to Death's Door where they enter Azriel's Sanctum.

Medusa is said to be one of death's most hidious creatures.[3]


Note: Father Death maybe a separate personage, but he at least shares the same role given to Charon according to the lore which specifically refers to him as death or the 'grim reaper/reaper'.

Count Vlad Tepes of Eldritch seems to share the role of Death for the Real of the Dead known as Ooga Booga.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Greek Mythology, Charon was not seen as 'Death personified', that was instead, the minor deity Thanatos. It was actually Thanatos that inspired the mythology behind the Grim Reaper/Father Death, rather than Charon. Whereas Charon was generally seen as a shrouded old man.

In early KQ lore the concept of Death may be a composite based on several characters forming the more traditional medieval concept of Death as shrouded grim reaper. Charon mixed with the grim reaper. This includes the shrouded ghoul in KQ2 (aka Charon or Death). As such most references to death before KQ6 appear to be references to same character or interpretation of Death. Father Death in KQ4 is a direct reference to medieval concept of Death and the fairy tale Godfather Death (which could technically make that appearance Thanatos, but since all other sources seem to mix Death and Charon, it could be Charon instead). Charon in KQ6 is also a mix of the reaper and Charon. The boatman of KQ8 also appears to be a mix of Charon and the Reaper and thus may also be the same character.


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