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The Town of Daventry (the community where Connor lives)

Daventry (aka Daventry town[1], the town of Daventry[2][3] or the village of Daventry[4]) is the main center of civilization in Daventry, though there are other towns[5]. Castle Daventry lies to the north overlooking the town of Daventry.[6][7] It is a tiny village, and not very large[8] lying fairly near the gates of Castle Daventry, in the shadow of the castle [9]. The town consists of closely crowded houses and narrow streets.[10] Lake Maylie lies to northeast of the town of Daventry beyond the castle (or at least did at one time)[11]. The castle is generally described as being south to the southeast of the castle, but due to magical law of "containment" may also be north of the castle depending on one's perspective.


The town's history goes back to at least the time of King Edward. When Queen Maylie died the town church bells tolled in mourning.[12] The village likely suffered the most during the kingdom's decline under his rule. Several disasters had brought hardship to his loyal subjects.[13] By the time Graham saved the kingdom, most of the population was gone, and town was no where in sight, and the areas near the castle had overgrown, or most of it returned to a rustic state known as the woods of Daventry. Once Graham returned the three treasures however, he forged a new kingdom from the ruins of the old[14], the people of Daventry grew happy and prosperous and flourished for years to come.[15]


The brown location roughly corresponds to the town (while gnome home, well, and bottom of the steps represent the edges of the ruins of Daventry town).[16]

The town was apparently rebuilt somewhere south of Daventry near the Raging River, on the Mushroom Isle and Island of the Gnome. Rumplestiltskin moved outside the town onto what had once been the Dangerous River section of the raging River Fools, which by that time had filled in (unknown if naturally or by the work of the people of Daventry), leaving not much but a dusty bed indicating where the river once ran (and perhaps that section of the river changed flow into what was to be known as the Merelee River, there is indication that portions of the river continued to flow after Rosella's quest in Tamir, and even at least up to after Alexander's marriage). When Graham was looking for a wife, many women from the kingdom including the town of Daventry attended a feast in order to catch his eye. After Graham returned from Kolyma with his new wife, condors took the news from town to town throughout Daventry.

The southern edge of the ruins of Daventry at the time of the Dragon's defeat. Rocks represent fallen rocks from the mountain and fallen masonry from the town. The two landmarks are close together likely due to magical flux

The town would grow and extend to the south to incorporate the nearby Ancient Well[17], and the magically shifted Door into Mountain (which had become one of the only exits out of the kingdom to its southeast).

During the endless winter, Graham encountered the Seer of Daventry while passing through the village, who issued a prophetic message to him.

Daventry once bustled as a thriving village under the peaceful rule of King Graham and Queen Valanice[18]. However, when the kingdom had fallen victim to the ravages of a dreadful three-headed dragon it burned the land all around and killed many people, driving many from the town.The kingdom was in ruins after the three-headed dragon had wreaked havoc for years.[19] Those who remained were terrified to even come out of their houses.[20] Rumplestiltkin's home lay outside the crumbling town of Daventry on its western edge.[21] He was wary of thieves.

What population still existed, it was to the People's horror when it was learned that Princess Rosella had offered to sacrifice herself to the Three-headed Dragon, to save Daventry.[22] The old well was filled in and debris nearby the Steps into the mountain were some of the remains of the ruins of Daventry, as well as boulders that had fallen down from the mountain. Likely magnified by the fact that it was the only path for the Dragon to come down into the kingdom and exit, what the dragon didn't destroy great earthquakes helped complete the destruction.

Great walls were built throughout Daventry to contain the terrible beast so it would not maraud the entire continent. These walls succeeded, but they also magnified the damage done within the kingdom. Though later, the walls were brought down as if they never were, and the stone used to build homes for the returning population.

It is unknown if all the people ever returned, or moved elsewhere. But many did return, and possibly many new people came to live there in the shadow of the castle that overlooked the town.[23] In time, the village thrived and bustled again. When the winds from the north came, and took the castle, it was considered a bitter omen that chilled the bones of every man, woman and child in that once peaceful Kingdom of Daventry. But it was foretold by ancient warlords that Graham would succeed.[24] He saved the castle and his family returned to Daventry, and things became peaceful agains, at least until the coming of the cataclysm.

During the cataclysm, continuous darkness covered the land, vile Goblins and monstrous Spriggans roamed about unhampered, and the entire population had been turned to stone. Connor started his journey here (but from a less populated area just outside of village proper). He left behind his home in search for the sacred pieces of the Mask of Eternity. The Swamp is an area not far from Daventry, and actually supplies water to the Unicorn's pond. With all the road and exits from Connor's village blocked off, Connor had to find his way there through the Dimension of Death.


While the town appears to have existed at the time Maylie died, it appears the population forced out by war, famine and plague. When Graham was a child he used to snitch pies from window sills where they were left cooling. However. there is no indication that the town was in existence by the time Graham was sent on his quest to find the three treasures of Daventry. Instead the woods had overgrown the kingdom, only a few limited peasants remained such as the Woodcutter and his wife who lived out in the countryside. It is possible if any of the town and its people remained at thet time, that it somehow hidden from Graham (beyond a barrier of Magical law of "containment"). It is at least known that the Royal University and Palace School existed at this time. It is also unclear where Graham was living or where he came from when he was ordered to see the king, and its possible he lived in the village (or possibly out questing outside the kingdom, and returned when the king summoned him.[25]). The size of the early town is not known, but it at least didn't extend near the Raging River and River Fools. The region Graham was trapped and the landmarks were relatively nearby the castle.[26]

At some point after Graham's coronation and between the destruction of the three-headed dragon, the town was rebuilt or expanded to roughly where the Mushroom Isle and Gnome's Island was located, and extended north perhaps across the River Fools. Rumplestiltskin was known to have built his house on the remains of the Raging River just outside of the town to its west.[27] The southern extent of Daventry town reached the Ancient Well and nearby Door into Mountain, in scale the well was never that far from Castle Daventry to begin with, perhaps a few [[mile]]s at the most[28] (which one or both landmarks had shifted due to magical flux between the intervening years). Although that section of Daventry was left in ruins by the time the Three-headed Dragon came to Daventry, by both earthquakes and the Dragon's own destruction (the well was filled in with rocks). Graham would later restore the well, and it was put into use by the town again.

A road leads south from the main keep of the castle to the town (though there are other crossroads along the way). The town is filled with many shops and houses, taverns, a town bakery, and even a butcher just outside of town. Outside and around the town lie the kingdom's farmlands where farmers grow the nation's crops and produce, which work in coordination with the town and create a good volume of commerce and trade.

In the center of the village is the large circular grounds used for the market as well as for the Midsummer Fest Dance.[29]

Another busy section of the town is the Daventry's main town square. One corner of the Daventry town square stood a dark oak building whose walls were concave and worn with years. Outside was hanging a sign that declared FOOD AND DRINK in red letters across the bottom and the name of the establishment, Purple Pig, in large gilt letters, at the top. There was a painting of a pig, appropriately purple, in the center.

Across the square hitching posts stood alone next to the water troughs next to the town's stable. The town stable was a large oak building with granite water troughs out front. It stood solidly to one side of the main square.[30] Horses stood together inside a large box stall just inside.[31] The stabler's wife's brother was part of a work gang. A fountain is located at the center of the square. A bench sits next to it. The main square is the center of life in Daventry.

An icehouse supplies ice to the local businesses that need it.[32]

The town is also home of the publications Daventry People, Daventry Today, and The Times of Daventry which are filled with news, interviews and gossip from around the world. Derek Karlavaegen is a frequent contributor to all three.


There are abundant oaks and sycamore trees in the area between the castle and surrounding the town, making only the main square visible from the top of the castle parapet.[33]. It's not clear how far this patch of trees extended but, but green woodlands once surrounded much of the town[34]. During the time of the Three-headed Dragon a fence attached to Rumlplestilskin's shack had been built perhaps circling the town or at least around Rumplestiltskin's property near the western edge of the town. Many of the trees may have been burned by the dragon or cut down to make the fence. Still much of the once greenwoodland still spread south of the town, but many of the trees and bushes had been cruelly charred by the dragon.

The west road travels a short distance west through a few fields and orchards of Daventry, crosses the Merelee River, before reaching the festival site of Daventry (where the Stump and Log was once located). The south road from Castle Daventry leads into the town, before continuing on to lands beyond, first passing between the southern Old Woods[35]. The east road travels east towards the Old Wood; just outside of town a path around the haystack boulder to the butcher's shop behind it.

Beyond the town and farmlands is the fair grounds of Daventry where many festivals and other great events and entertainments are held.

In earliest messages sent by Derek Karlavaegen, he mentioned the names of just two towns in all of the messages he sent, Daventry and Bruce. This may have been of some importance.[36] He later mentioned the town of Serenia.

A few of Daventry's citizens live in an area just outside of Daventry. The community is made up mostly of farmers. A grinding mill in the center of the community is for the processing of grain. The area is less populated and nearer trade with hunters, and thus a good place for tanners to ply their trade. Several other individuals choose to live on the outskirts of town as well including Rumplestiltskin and Old Sam the butcher but not in the same area.

The smaller community lies in a small valley on the edge of the main village center and is surrounded by high hills. The town also has a windmill, an Alchemist Shop, the church, and a tavern. A fountain exists in the middle of the town square, and is a source of fresh water. An ancient mausoleum was built near the church, and is the location of an ancient magical doorway to the Dimension of Death. The town is built on the two sides of a small river. People are able to cross the river via a small covered bridge. The river flows from a waterfall from an aqueduct (from the castle), and forms a small shallow lake where the Wizard's Island is located. The Lady of the Lake resides within the lake.

The village lies roughly southwest of a large hill within the valley, where the ruins of an old castle is located. The Tomb of Sir James lies near the ruin's gates. Behind a high bluff on the hill, lies a pond where a Unicorn could often be found.

Castle Daventry (and apparently most of the rest of the town) lies to the north of the village, the main road lies through a narrow pass. All the road and exits were blocked during the cataclysm. Additionally the castle (specifically the Dining Hall and Throne Room) can be reached through a secret passage through an aqueduct.

The elevation of Castle Daventry in relation to the town has changed over time. Sometimes Castle Daventry has been on a hill above lower areas of land rising above the land where the town was or would be located, other times it had been in a lower spot in the valley itself, perhaps similar elevation to the town. It has even been seen on a high hill, high above the town. In addition the castle and the location of the town have shifted from being closer to the sea to the west, to sometimes being more inland. This may all have to do to the magical flux that affects the world of Daventry, sometimes changing the geography on a daily basis.


Hrothgar the tavern keep, Peter the smith, Hesthia (wife of the town baker), Benjamin, Betony (her children), Bernard, and Jonathan live in the town center proper, and Old Sam the butcher lives on a road just outside of the town. Even Rumplestiltskin made his home just outside of town.

Connor, Sarah, and the Widow Burke live live on the edge of their community near the farm lands on the edge of town. Connor lives where it’s less populated and nearer trade with hunters, as he is a tanner. Connor was a young townsperson who became the most important person in the world's history.

One of the local masons lived near the community repairing buildings and an aqueduct that flows from the castle feeding the local Lake. The Simms family maintain a small farm within the community. A local Alchemist keeps a shop, and Julia maintains a tavern. Daventry's church located there to the south and utilized by the local priest, and citizens of Daventry town are buried there.

The Seer of Daventry wandered the village during the day, but no one knew where he lived or slept. People considered it good luck to spare him a meal.

The town has millwrights, masons, carpenters, work gangs and horses and mules for hire.[37] There is even a village goose girl[38], and the ragpicker. As well as peasants and merchants.

The town millwrights work at the grinding mill and windmill in the small outer village at the edge of the main city proper.

The village children would sometimes be invited into the castle for birthdays of those working in the castle.[39] Some would be brought to play with the young Rosella[40].

The market has visitors and wares from many lands. Material sold by weavers of the Daventry weavers' guild, foreign merchants, and even gnome merchants.[41]

Graham made a habit of visiting the commoners, and Valanice toured the kingdom every spring. The folk of Daventry town were used to seeing royals in their midst.[42]

It is said years ago, as a child, that Graham had a sweet tooth, and he was the first to snitch particles of pie, pastry, and confection from sills and counters where they were left to cool after leaving the ovens. This seems to indicate that he lived near an area with many kitchens with windows or store counters, which would suggest he likely grew up in the town, and that his father lived there. It is also mentioned that knights and ladies always had someting read for him when he came to sup (indicating that many knights have their own houses). it is possibly that many of the lesser nobles, knights and ladies lived in the town, perhaps in a more well to do section of the city.


  • Top of the Falls
  • Tunnel behind Falls
  • Places of Learning

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Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ1 Graham may have been coming from the town to see Edward. Graham enters the castle from eastside. The town may have been located roughly southeast of the castle in Northeast Daventry. Southeast is where Mushroom Isle/Land of the Leprechauns is located in most of the guide maps. The island exists roughly 'outside' of the 'wrap around' with its own sets of barriers: the west side and south side of the island are connected to screens that are certainly influenced by wrap around (as you can see the island from the opposite sides coming in from the south, or from west of the island), but the northern and eastern edges are less clear (you cannot go simply west from the wood bridge screen to the east to reach the island). Daventry Town at the time, would have to be located roughly around the same spot but largely 'outside' of the magical containment itself. Perhaps northside of the island and inaccessible. The town being southeast of the castle in the area roughly close to the Land of the Leprechauns and Gnome Isle is supported by The Official Book of King's Quest, but also roughly south and east of the castle in The King's Quest Companion (2nd Edition), and within Kingdom of Sorrow, and See No Weevil. On the other hand The Official Book of King's Quest suggests that he had been summoned to Daventry (as if he was on a mission, business or travels outside of the kingdom at the time) which could suggest he could have come from any direction (though he may have stopped in the city). There is however another line that suggests that Graham either once lived in the 'town' which later became ruins of Daventry, or that the entire kingdom was considered part of the ruins.

The town of Daventry was originally mentioned in the King's Quest II Manual, with the line, "...the village goose girl". It was also alluded to in the KQ1 prologue, in the line, "Daventry's church bells tolled in mourning..."[43] It was given a name in the King's Quest Companion (referred to as the 'town of Daventry') and the King's Quest Novels. The town of Daventry (or simply Daventry) is mentioned in the An Encyclopedia of Daventry in the 1st and 2nd Edition of KQC within articles in the An Encyclopedia of Daventry (within the articles concerning Castle Daventry and Bruce), although no town is ever shown in any of the maps or artwork in the books. The town is also referenced in The Quest Thus Far... in the manual for KQ5 for the NES (which may suggest that the town was mostly abandoned and possibly destroyed leading up to the events of KQ3);

The kingdom had fallen victim to the ravages of a dreadful three-headed dragon, which had burned the land all around and drove many people away from the town.

However, Rosella makes a possible reference to the town (and its remaining inhabitants) in KQ3 when she says;

The dragon did all that. He burnt our countryside, and we were all terrified to even come out of our houses. You don't remember, but it used to be very beautiful.

The destruction/ruin of the town is potentially supported by visuals in KQ3 which show the castle from a distance, but no evidence of any town nearby. On the other hand a similar view is shown in all versions of KQ1 (plus the fact that a complete interconnected Daventry exists in the game with no town near the castle), but this could be traced back to the fact that the kingdom was on hard times, and many people may have been driven out by invading forces. However, in each of the games, some of the view is blocked by on scene obstructions such as cliffs (KQ1SCI), bushes (KQ1AGI, and SMS) or Rumplestiltskin's shack (KQ3) depending on the version or game, which blocks the view to the east in the scenes. The maps of Daventry in the KQ companion which are intended to portray the KQ1 time period also do not show any towns near the castle (the world maps show even less detail, and are not to scale). However, The Official Book of King's Quest, Third Edition establishes that Rumplestiltskin's shack was located just outside the crumbling town. This appears to establish that the town still existed but just outside of view, but may have fallen into ruin. The book also seems to suggest that the old well, and Rumplestiltskin's screens count as part of the 'town' as well. There is a section on; "How can I get out of town?". It states that there are 'stairs at the ruins where you first fell into Daventry. They are difficult to see, so you may have to poke around to the ruins to find them. This is a reference to the Door into Mountain is the exit out of the town area, and out of Daventry.[44] It also speaks of coming down the Snowy Mountains and reaching the ruins of Daventry, the home of King Graham (which appears to be a nod that the entire region seen in the game from steps, the well, the old gnome to the castle, represent the ruins of the civilized and main population center of the kingdom, tied to the town) It discusses how the place has gone to seed since King's Quest I. Points out that one just has to look at how the old well had been filled with stones. It mentions after talking with the gnome, and then going back to the ruins and poking around until the steps are discovered leading up, and that it is the only way out of Daventry[45]

The KQC also mentions stone walls surrounding Daventry and the stones from those walls later used to rebuild homes for returning population, which would suggest that the town was mostly destroyed.

There is no reference to the town in The Floating Castle though Alexander does travel south and passes near where it should be (which may imply that the town was no longer in existence after the events of KQ3). Notably in KQ5 there is a hill or rise that overlooks the castle, and no village is noticeable to the south of the newly renovated castle, nor to the north (but rather a large garden instead), however there are roads heading off to the southwest and southeast, and it is not possible to see where these roads lead (so it is possible that if the town still exists it is just out of view). Incidentally, in The Floating Castle, Alexander climbs a ridge in the same general position as the rise in KQ5 that overlooks the castle (which may be a reference to the geography from the game), but no comment is made concerning the village.

However, it should be noted that in The KQ Companions mentions the existence of the town south of the castle at the time following KQ3/KQ4 (First Edition), and following the period of KQ5 (Second Edition) which would deny the possibility of the town's complete destruction by the dragon during those periods unless it was rebuilt at some point after KQ5 & The Floating Castle (but that is likely over complicating things). However, the Companions reference to the wall stone being reused to build homes, at least suggests the possibility of the town being rebuilt after KQ4 but perhaps before KQ5. It is at least stated to be south if the Castle elsewhere in the book.

Daventry, the village/town appears in King's Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow and in King's Quest: See No Weevil in the period of time set before the events of KQ3. It is known as the village of Daventry in King's Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow, and as 'Daventry town' in King's Quest: See No Weevil (its occasionally referred to as simply Daventry in the novel as well, and described as a village a few times as well). The village in both sources is intended to be the same location.[46]

Notably the main village of Daventry is described in the King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition, that the Castle overlooks the town, In KoS it is described as being outside the castle gates, and lying in the shadow of the castle. But there are also descriptions of a road leading from the castle to the town, or at least another section of the town in See No Weevil.

The various references to the town of Daventry inspired the creation of Connor's village in KQ8, which on the website was also known as 'Daventry' (see below).

King's Quest Companion MapsEdit

Based on details of the location of Daventry Town as mentioned in KQ Novels, KQ Companion, and the Official Book of King's Quest, Daventry town would have to be located in about the same area as the Land of the Leprechauns and Gnomes Isle in the first game. If the town is placed on these spots on the three variations of the Daventry maps in the King's Quest Companion, then the town would appear to be north of Castle Daventry rather than south, or split with half in the east, and half in the west on one of the maps. This is due to the way the maps aligned themselves with the KQ1 style layout of lands, and the influence of the wrap around on those interpretations.

Other TownsEdit

Gerwain points out that there are other towns in Daventry at the time of KQ2 during his account of the events of King's Quest II for Graham, see Romancing the Throne: From the Chronicles of Daventry, Part II.

Word of the royal wedding was immediately dispatched across the realm, carried in the claws of a condor that winged from town to town with the proclamation. The news set off spontaneous celebrations by all at first hearing.

Derek Karlavaegen speaks of 'roadside inns' throughout Daventry in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles (although its not clear if these are within towns or isolated buildings along the roads in Daventry).

See No Weevil may also allude to some towns or at least populated areas in the west (near Twin Pillars of the Moon), north (blankets known for their northern style), and south (near the sea) as well.

According to information related to KQ8, the village Connor lives in is known as Daventry or simply the Town, but also Daventry as well. According to the KQ8 manual and website;

Connor lives in an area just outside Daventry. The community is made up mostly of farmers. A grinding mill in the center of the community is for the processing of grain. Connor lives here where it’s less populated and nearer trade with hunters, as he is a tanner.[47]

A sign in the game points to 'Daventry' (though according to Connor the context of the sign is pointing to "Castle Daventry"). Connor's village is located directly south of the castle based on the magic map (the location of the road, sign, and aqueduct) and information in the official KQ8 hintbook.

Two towns are shown on the world map of KQ8. A larger town is shown to be outside a smaller village surrounding a small lake, with a road passing between them leading up to the castle. However, the lake village is not necessarily Connor's village or the town of Daventry. The village surrounding the lake is much more densely packed than the community shown in the game, and lies close to the edge of the lake, than Connor's village is located, and there is no evidence of the Wizard's island in the center of the lake. Which may suggest that it is a different lake altogether.

The larger of the two towns shown on the world map, is apparently located "north" of the Castle according to information in KQ8 manual[48]. The smaller village would be roughly 'east' of the castle based on that information. If Connor's village is located south of Castle Daventry it would be blocked from view by the mountain where Castle Daventry is located on the map. However, if the larger of the two villages is is meant to be the town of Daventry. Its possible that either the town moved (either intentionally over time or due to the magical flux that affects the Kingdom). This is not the first time that landmarks have shifted around the kingdom (for example the Door into Mountain has been located both north and south of the Castle at times), and even the Castle itself. which case, it is also possible that the town in KQ8 represents yet another town within Daventry (despite sharing the same name as the main town).

Of course its not the first time that Daventry's town location may have appeared north of the castle, see the affects of the wrap around, and the The King's Quest Companion maps.

KQ8 LocationEdit

Daventry (aka The Town') is the village which appears in KQ8, the community is said to be located in a less populated part of the kingdom in an area just outside of Daventry (the castle and apparently the city center of the town of Daventry as well). As such it is kind of a neighborhood of the main village proper. Connor's village is inspired by the town of Daventry mentioned in earlier material. The KQ1 manual (the second version of the manual) mentions Daventry's church... KQ8 is the first game to show the church (though the bells are missing from the bell tower). The village in the game is located in a small valley and is surrounded by steep scarps on the surrounding hills on all sides (these barriers are more likely intended to represent both mountains and the green hills of Daventy but game limitations make them also great barriers). The magic map makes the area look to be surrounded by hills rather than high mountains. The overworld map also appears to show the area with several large hills. The steep cliffs is likely partly due to game mechanics to put barriers up around the explorable areas. A small pass leads out of the valley to the north with a sign marked simply "Daventry". Connor notes that that is the way to Castle Daventry.

Clues from the Official Book of King's Quest 3rd Edition might point to the location of this valley, as it places the crumbling town of Daventry roughly at the location of the former Island of the Gnome and Land of the Leprechauns (albeit KQ3's landmarks are also convoluted compared to their original locations in KQ1), and down to the Ancient Well and Door into Mountain. Which might place Connor's village into one of the former river beds of the of the River Fools. However the river beds carved into the area as seen in KQ1 do not appear to be that large, and evidence of where Rumplestiltkin's shack seems to show that it mostly filled in with sediment or human involement.

Coincidently, in The Floating Castle, there is a location described towards the end of the book where Alexander and Cyril visit a farm hidden inside of a canyon surrounded by granite mountain cliffs, in a description somewhat similar to farms and location of the town seen in KQ8. This canyon is located somewhere south of Castle Daventry past the ridge/hill near the river (Merelee?), and perhaps a bit west of Sinofas' swamp (which should not be confused with The Swamp which lies north of Daventry), and is located less than a day or two journey from the castle (depending on speed of travel).[49]This farm and surrounding land within the hidden canyon were overlooked by the marauding forces of Telgrin, and is left untouched; allowing Cyril, Alexander and Lydia to obtain horses from the farmer and his wife to return to Castle Daventry quicker.

In the game most everything seems to be aligned so that the top of the magic map is always north (with the exception of the map for Castle Daventry and the secret passage). This is seen in the Dimension of Death, where the towers have names based on their locations within the Compound of Death (see the KQ8 strategy guide) and The Ferryman says that the Bridge to Life is east of the boathouse. According to the KQ8 hintbook, the same goes for Connor's community.

According to the KQ8 website, Connor's village is known as "Daventry", but much like the manual Connor is described as living in a small farming community outside of Daventry proper.

Daventry once bustled as a thriving village under the peaceful rule of King Graham and Queen Valanice. Now, continuous darkness covers the land, vile Goblins and monstrous Spriggans roam about unhampered, and the entire population has been turned to stone. Connor starts his journey here, leaving behind his home in search for the sacred pieces of the Mask of Eternity.

In KQ8 there is a sign at the northern edge of the map of Connor's village, which points to "Daventry", Connor points out that the sign is pointing the direction to Castle Daventry. The cave/secret passage to the castle, and the aqueduct lie on the northern edge of the village as well.

The village was given the name "Daventry" in on the KQ8 website.[50]

But also described much like the manual (The Lands).[51]

Mark Seibert added to this in another interview[52];

Can you move back to Daventry and see well known things from the previous games?
Connor actually lives outside of Daventry. While you will be able to get into the castle (I can't tell you how because it would spoil the puzzle), you won't be able to get into Daventry proper.

Albeit, in the game you are actually in part of the Kingdom of Daventry, just not any place from the previous games (or if it in a location from the previous games, it's an area that has been civilized since Graham took over, and after the destruction seen in KQ3).

In the game the name of the village isn't mentioned directly, and in the manual it is described simply as the community where Connor lives, "outside of Daventry", which implies it to be outside of the Daventry city center (in the 'burbs'). Alternatively the blurb could be interpreted to be describing the area where Connor lives specifically, where his and Sarah's houses are located in a more rural area, just outside of small Town where the Church, Pub, Simm's Farmstead, Town Fountain, the Mill, and Apothecary surround. ...or it could mean "outside of Castle Daventry", since the sign pointing to Castle Daventry (as Connor points out), is marked simply "Daventry".

One of the grave stones states that it is a town, The Town Drunk, and one other may imply the name of the village is also called 'Daventry', see Brigid, Samuel, and Colmcille.

In Daventry three saints one grave do fill.

The KQ8 hintbook also refers to the fountain in town as the Town Fountain.

Since its a less populated farming community (or at least Connor lives outside of town in the less populated farming community), it may be different than the section of town visited in the novels. The town from the books was supposed to be the main population center in Daventry. However the town square in the game maybe a limited representation of the town limited by game mechanics and artistic license.

The ruins near the town are ruins of a much older castle that predates even King Edward's castle, and not intended to be the castle seen in early KQ games. Although it does share a rough similarities in design and geography (the town lies in its shadow, albeit to the southwest, and the front gate is facing east instead of south).

The only other reference within the manual is made in relation to the swamp;

The Swamp is an area not far from Daventry. With all the road and exits from Connor's village blocked off, Connor must find his way here through the Dimension of Death.

Of note is the mention of 'road' (in apparent singular form, and in the game there is only a single road leading to the main exit out of the valley)

In KQ8 the Town lies directly 'south' of the Castle Daventry. The road to Castle Daventry lies to the north, marked with a sign that simply says "Daventry", and an aqueduct leads up to the castle through a hidden passage to the north as well. Most of the magic maps in the game are aligned with the north being north, and south being south. The only exception is the map for Castle Daventry, which turns the map sideways (in relation to the Kingdom map). The official hintbook for KQ8 assumes that the Kingdom of Daventry region is aligned as the top being the 'north' and the bottom being the south as well.

On the world map in the game, one can see what looks like a small village surrounding what appears to be a small lake (although the village appears more dense (as in more buildings) than the village that appears in the game, and built closer to the shore edge, and there is no evidence of the Wizard's Island in the lake.). A curvy road appears to make its way up the mountain towards a much larger town, and finally up to the castle itself. This may not necessarily be the village from the game however. Connor's village may not actually shown on the world map, and the view is blocked in the angle shown.


town and lake


Larger town

Based on information in the MOE manual, the overworld map is actually turned to be aligned with the left side being south, and the right side being north. Based on information in the manual, the swamp (located below the villages and castle shown on the map) is actually located northeast of Daventry region. This would mean that the Underground Realm of the Gnomes lies directly north of the swamp (as mentioned in the manual), and the rest of the lands shown still further north. The village and lake shown on the map lies almost directly 'east' (in relation to its location on the map) of the castle. The path appears to work its way around from the northwestern edge of smaller village to the larger town (which appears to lie northeast of the castle, and northwest of the smaller village) before curving southwest towards the castle.

Based on Mark Seibert's comment it would suggest that Connor's village is outside of the Daventry seen in previous games. However, it also could mean that Connor's house is outside of the main village proper, as seen in the game. That the town square in the game represents a portion oft he main city proper.

If Connor's village is not shown on the world map, and is blocked from view by the large hill (or mountain), it's possible that his village is a neighborhood or district on the outer edge of Daventry town proper (the southern town mentioned in King's Quest Companion, KQ5 manuals, The Official Book of King's Quest and novels).

Mark Seibert's websiteEdit

Mark had these names listed on his website for how he described the areas.

   1 Sarah’s house
   2 Connor’s house
   3 Wizard
   4 Church
   5 Farmhouse
   6 Waterwheel/Mill
   7 Fountain
   8 Apothecary
   9 Tavern
   10 Windmill
   11 Gwinnie’s house
   12 Wizard’s house
   13 Waterfall/Entrance to Castle Daventry
   14 Tomb with Vortex to Dimension of Death
   15 Unicorn
   16 Old Castle Ruins and Teleporter
   17 Tomb of Dead Hero

King's Quest: Adventures of GrahamEdit


Outer Wall to Town and Castle (main gate)


Outer Wall to Town side gate?

In the new King's Quest series of chapters, there appears to be two towns one is at the base of Castle Daventry, an outer wall surrounds the castle and Town. The castle dwarfs the town on a mountain that rises above it.

The other town  (aka Town Square) lies somewhat southwest of Castle Daventry west of the rivers, just southeast of the old well on the edge of a dark forest. Although the directions are somewhat hard to follow as it does appear perspective shifts on certain screens.  Graham meets a number of characters in the town, including the The Hobblepots, the man and wife who run the local Curiosity Shop, the local smith Amaya Blackstone, and Wente Fey the baker.


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