Daventry People is a popular periodical printed in the Kingdom of Daventry. Derek Karlavaegen was a reporter for the paper. It is a competing paper to the Daventry Today, The Times of Daventry, and Bruce Banner.


  • Derek Karlavaegen interviewed Alexander-Gwydion about his life living with Manannan and his escape and return to Daventry in "Prince Alexander's Own Story! Exclusive Interview".
  • An article in Daventry People described Milvia's antique store, Ye Olde Antique Shoppe, and how she obtained the Brass Lamp.[1]
  • Daventry People featured a long story about the Baker's bakehouse establishment.[2]
  • An excerpt written soon after Alexander's escape from Manannan speaks of Hagatha as sister to Manannan, and claims that Manannan kidnapped Graham and Valanice's son in revenge for Graham's deed against Hagatha (saving Valanice). It also speaks of her disappearance from Kolyma soon after the incident.[3]
  • Rosella had a short interview in Daventry People about her adventures in Tamir, published sometime after her harrowing adventures. She discussed things such as the snow leopard in Genesta's tower, and the whale that swallowed her.[4]
  • Derek printed an apology in both the Times and Daventry People, for lying and denying the existence and location of the Green Isles.


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