The Daventry Official was Daventry's minister.[1]


He gave King Graham a report on the affairs of the kingdom including the grain in the new silo on the day of the cataclysm. He was turned to stone, along with King Graham. When Connor discovered him he vowed he would not stop, until the official walked the sweet land once more. He believed the good people of Daventry deserved nothing less. He regained his form when Connor defeated Lucreto.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the debug mode, the name of this character is 'minister'. This can be seen by attempting to attack the 'statue' and entering the debug mode. It is unclear, if by minister, it is in reference to the Prime Minister, or perhaps even the Seneschel of the kingdom (both of which share similar duties, and technically should be the 'same position' by real world terminology), though in the EU the two positions 'overlap' during the same period in history (Gerwain was not fired until after KQ3/4 and Oswold was Seneschal during the same period between KQ2 and KQ3).

He is a minister in Daventry's court, and a main advisor. This would place him likely either as Prime Minister or the Seneschel. Though it is unclear which. If he is the prime minister he may be the one who replaced Gerwain following events of KQ3. If he is the Seneschel he may be Oswold, or even an older William (who was being groomed to be the next Seneschel).


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