Daventry in the King's Quest reboot appears to refer to the World of Daventry (KQGS), the Kingdom of Daventry (KQGS) and possibly the landmass where the kingdom is located (a continent or island?) known as the Midwestern Hemisphere.

The continentEdit

The landmass that lies north of the Enchanted Isles. It is bordered by the Neptune's Kingdom to the south. Somewhere central in the landmass is the Kingdom of Daventry (KQGS). To the West and south of Daventry is a regions which includes jungles and beaches known as Tanalore (KQGS). To eastern of Daventry is a region known as Avalon (KQGS). Another little known region called Scandia lies between Daventry, Tanalore and Avalon.

To the north and far north includes the lands of Serenia (KQGS), Eldritch (KQGS), and Llewdor (KQGS) which border the Infinite Desert and the Serenia woods (home of were-beasts and jinxes). To the east lies the Eastern mountains.

This may also be the location of Modesto and Itch-two-wey.

Behind the scenes Edit

According to one cut line in chapter 2 & 3 Gwendolyn makes reference to there being two Kingdoms of Daventry a Wstern and Eastern Daventry.

As this is likely a reference to there being two Kolymas and in the KQGS universe, it might suggest that it kinda mirrors Kolyma and maybe ruled by another Graham.

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