Daventry can refer to several things: It is the name of the kingdom that is ruled over by King Graham. It is also the name of the continent of which the kingdom is part (an alternate title for the continent of Serenia), and it is sometimes used as a generic name for the universe that contains the kingdom[1], the World of Daventry (referred to as Earth within the games). The name can also refer to Castle Daventry, the great keep and seat of power for the Kingdom of Daventry, and Daventry town which is not far from the castle (including the community where Connor lives on the edge of town).

Castle DaventryEdit

Castle Daventry (aka Daventry Castle) is the fortress and keep from which the ruling family of Daventry live, judge, and pass laws (this is the center of power of the kingdom, although other castles exist).

Town of DaventryEdit

KQ8 map daventry

The Town of Daventry (the community where Connor lives)

The Town of Daventry within Daventry is located not far from the castle to the south built on the former Mushroom Isle and Island of the Gnome. Connor's community lies on the edge of the town. The town proper is the main population center for the kingdom, and is bustling with businesses. At least three of Daventry's newspapers and magazines are published there.

While this is the main town discussed in the series, there are references to other towns and populated areas in some of the spin of material.

Kingdom of DaventryEdit

The Kingdom of Daventry is main kingdom on the continent of Daventry/Serenia. It is the home of Royal Family of Daventry, King Graham, Queen Valanice and their two children. It was the native land of King Graham's birth, he goes back at least three generations in the kingdom.

Daventry is a very old kingdom and had its share of good and bad kings over the thousands of years of its existence.[2] Daventry is (at least in the view of noted Daventry writer Derek Karlavaegen) the greatest kingdom on the continent, and there is a great deal of evidence to support his belief.

The kingdom is divided into East Daventry (Northeast Daventry and Southeast Daventry) and West Daventry (Northwest Daventry and Southeast Daventry).

Continent of DaventryEdit


Daventry (kq6 era)

Daventry is the name of the continent that which the kingdom is part of.[3] (though the continent is also known as Serenia at times). According to Derek Karlavaegen's "crude maps", Daventry is the name of the entire eastern continent where the major nations of Serenia and Daventry are located, along with many lesser nations. However in his notes he refers to the continent as the "Continent of Serenia". Though Alexander refers to the continent as "Daventry", in his interview with Derek. Derek also refers to the Continent of Daventry in his earliest notes as well.

The continent has changed shape and size at times due to the influence of magic, such that used by the Wizard Harlin, and that released by the cataclysm. The first divided the continent in half moving half of it into the North beyond the Unknown. While the second most of the world disappeared leaving only a small disk with the water and lava flowing off the edge of the world. The Frozen Reaches became the end of the world.

World of Daventry Edit


World of Daventry (KQ4 era)[4]


World of Daventry (KQ5 era)[5]


Charts and Magic Map (KQ3 era).

King's questions map



World of Daventry (KQ5 era)[6].


The World of Daventry is the title for the universe in which the King's Quest Games take place in the King's Quest Companion. It is suggested to take place on earth in the distant past, or within its own parallel universe to earth (both may be true).

According to Derek Karlavaegen "World of Daventry" or simply "Daventry" is a name humans may use for the entire world where King's Quest's lands are located, although this is not the proper name of the planet. The areas of the world that have been explored are known as the Known World[7]. The world appears to actually be earth from a long time ago in the distant past, and like the present earth shares the solar system with celestial bodies such as the Sun and the planet Jupiter. At several points in history magical beings withdrew into Daventry to avoid persecution by the increasingly scientific societies. The world is continued to be called "Earth" by citizens of the world, including the gnomes from the Underground Realm of the Gnomes, and humans.[8]

Derek Karlavaegen once explained, "We have no name for our world, our universe, but you may call it Daventry if you like. We think of it as home." However, the world is also referred to as Daventry (or World of Daventry) by various authors of the Chronicles of Daventry including Derek himself. Derek also calls the world Earth in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles.[9].

See On the Origin of Daventry for further Information.

In the Other WorldEdit

There are a number of Daventry's in the Other World (Earth), the oldest of which is a town about 75 miles northwest of London, also known as Daintry. Locally, the name of the town is sometimes pronounced "Danetree," and even Shakespeare used this pronunciation in Henry VI, Part III, Act V. It is said that the town was built by the Danes.[10] There may be a connection between these Daventrys, but its unclear how. It is possibly that the kingdom was founded by Danes from England (Rosella is nearly thought to be an Englishman by the The Ogre).

Behind the scenesEdit

Daventry or Daintry is an actual name of a real place in Europe (Daventry is actually a town in the English county of Northamptonshire.)

Here is the reason why Roberta Williams chose this name for her fantasy land;

A: There is a Daventry in Great Britain. I think it's located somewhere near Nottingham (of Sherwood Forest fame) or thereabouts. How did this come to be? Good question; I'll answer it! Back in 1983 when I was working on the first 'King's Quest,' I needed to name the place that Sir Graham was from. I looked at my world Atlas - and specifically at England. I noticed this small town located somewhere north of London by the name of Daventry. I really liked the name and, at the time, didn't really think that anyone would mind if I used it. I took the name and it has since turned into the Kingdom of Daventry from which King Graham and his family begin most of their adventures.-Roberta Williams[11]

She has also said;

Well, ya, King's Quest is on Earth. Daventry is very old city from a long time ago. It's in ruins now and people aren't quite sure exactly where it used to be. There are some archaeologists searching through the ruins, they think they know its Daventry. But its somewhere on Earth."-Roberta Williams, Talkspot Interview, part 1 (1:20:40 to 1:59:58)[1]

During the release of KQ4, Sierra ran a contest with a trip to England to visit Daventry as advertised on a sticker on some of the boxes.

Though as implied by Roberta's quote, and the manuals and introduction for KQ6 that King's Quest's stories occur a long time ago in earth's past, its possible that she intended that the Daventry of the games to be the same location as the modern Daventry, just many centuries in the past. Daventry may also be located in the location of present day Yosemite, Half Dome is said to be located near the kingdom in KQ3. Of course this mountain and valley may just be an area that touches and exists in multiple realities across the multiverse.

In the King's Quest Companion, Daventry is implied to be on an alternate world, a parallel planet to Earth[12]. The first two editions of King's Quest companion speak of Daventry of England appearing in Shakespeare but treats the location as a separate place and that both exist in separate worlds.

Derek usually refers to earth as the Other World, and his universe as Daventry. There are a few examples in the King's Quest Companion, where he or others refers to the Other World as earth while explaining the history of the other world. There is at least one example that alludes to others calling the world "Earth" (Druids call Alexander, "man of Earth"), Graham thinks he could see to the ends of the earth from the mountains in Kolyma[13], and Derek refers to the world as Earth in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles]], Edward calls the world earth in KQ1VGA, and the gnomes call it earth as well in KQ8. There are several references to the world being called earth in the King's Quest Novels.

In KQ8 the character Connor explores one of the towns of Daventry. The village or villages were alluded to as early as KQ1 manual (a reference to Daventry's church bells), more directly in KQ2 manual ("village goose girl"), The King's Quest Companion (which talks about the main town of Daventry, but also talks about other towns as well) and in the NES KQ5 manual ("drove many people away from the town"), and Official Book of King's Quest VI, and later in the novels. Although mentioned, the town was never shown previously, until KQ8.


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