The Dangerous River is a short bend and part of the main flow of the Raging River where pebbles can be found.


The Dangerous River is a particularly dangerous section of the Raging River which borders the southwest edges of the Mushroom Isle (or Land of the Leprechauns). Many pebbles were deposited on the beach near its shore. Graham took some of the pebbles with him (though he never used them).

In time following the disasters in Daventry, the river dried up, leaving only the dry river bed. The islands (including the Island of the Gnome) became the locations of the rebuilt town of Daventry. Rumplestiltskin moved off his former island, and built a house, the Gnome's House, in the dry river bed in the formerly dangerous spot. He remained there even after most the people were forced out of the town by the Three-headed Dragon. His house remained behind near the crumbling town.[1]

Despite the Dangerous River having dried up, the Raging River would continue to flow somewhere to the east, having changed its direction after the Dangerous River had been blocked off.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The area where the pebbles is found is known is called the Dangerous River on the map in the KQ1 Hintbook. Its actually a section of the Raging River as described in the screen.

The area of the Bend in Stream appears in KQ3, redrawn to that it has dried up during the time between KQ1 and KQ3. Castle Daventry can be seen in the distance, and Rumplestiltskin had built a rickety shack over the dry river bed.

In the remake the pebbles were moved to a lake.


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