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Dahlia is a witch who is a member of the Black Cloak Society, who originally appeared in King's Quest. Dahlia has appeared in fan fiction, including fan games.

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In Revenge of the Black Cloak Society, it is revealed that since the time of King's Quest I, Dahlia’s spirit had been in a limbo state since King Graham had pushed her into her cauldron. Her house also appeared to disappear from Daventry.

In the past, Dahlia had orchestrated a vast plot, on behalf of the Black Cloak Society. She had plotted to removes the three sacred treasures, and then set things up to have Daventry disappear. To do that, she had set a magical field up around Daventry that slowly contracted. As it contracted, fewer and fewer people got through to Daventry itself, and people could not even leave the kingdom.

To aid in her goals, she had summoned an Ogre, Wolf and Sorcerer to help eliminate those remaining in Daventry. An encounter with any one of them would prove fatal, since they were mindless minions of the witch. She also had her magical Gingerbread House, which due to her spells, would be all that would be left of Daventry when her task would be completed.

Her plans were thwarted when King Graham, then just a knight, pushed her into her cauldron. At the time, since her long standing in the Black Cloak Society, she had cast a spell that would allow for her to possibly be resurrected by another practitioner of the Dark Arts. Until then, her spirit would remain nearby her house, which would no longer be visible until someone found it in the name of Black Cloak Society.

When Shadrack located her home, he put things in motion to resurrect her, using a brigand to bring to the house a hapless maiden. The spell allowed Dahlia‘s spirit to inhabit the young form, and she brought back all her minions. She then put into motion a plan to turn all the people of Daventry into cookies. Her plan was then thwarted by King Graham, before she could use the one victim that would effect all, Queen Valanice. This time, when she was knocked into the cauldron, it not only destroyed her, but also caused her house to be destroyed as well.

She was unaware of Shadrack's master plan.

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