Cyril is the apprentice wizard to Morowyn.


Cyril did not decide to become a wizard. He had always had the power, when he was four he could make small objects move through the power of his mind, and he could see things hidden to most mortal eyes. So the decision was made for him. It was decided by his parents and the village elders that he should be apprenticed to a wizard less he become dangerous in his ignorance.

Thus he was apprenticed to the magician Olkiphon for years of study. It was difficult for him to leave his parents when he was still young. But there had been compensations. The things he had seen, the things he had learned. These were treasures beyond any estimation. Still the sacrifice had been tough. He still visited his parents, but not often. [1]While studying under Olkiphon he had been to many lands and seen many things. He had been responsible for himself, mostly, almost since he was old enough to talk.[2]

He a very talented young man, who had it in him to be a great wizard someday.  He came to Morowyn after some years of studying with the magician Olkiphon, and he was well grounded in the fundamentals of magic.[3].He journeyed with Alexander to save his father's soul from Telgrin.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Cyril was a pale youth, short and slightly plump. He was clad in brown homespun trousers and a dingy shirt that was frayed about the cuffs and collar. A faint, downy beard framed his pink cheeks. His straight blond hair appeared hopelessly disordered. He looked for all the world like a stable boy freshly awakened from a nap.

Cyril was not accustomed to long marches over difficult terrain. He was not one to make complaints. He face turned bright red from exertions, and perspiration gathered up in fine droplets in the pale fringe of his beard.[5]

He was in a delicate stage of his magical development. At the time it was best that he refrained from working magic of any kind.[6] He possessed knowledge that was invaluable to those who needed his help. It was surprising how useful he could make himself.


  • Cyril was perhaps 16 at the time of the story.[7]
  • When Cyril was four, he could make small objects move with the power of his mind.[8]
  • He is not simply an 'apprentice wizard', he is already considered a wizard in his own right. He is still however being taught by elder wizards, to learn mastery over his powers.
  • The spells he casts include, radiant hands, giant fireball, flying spell, blast of destruction, magic rope spell.


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