Cyberspace is the electronic realm between dimensions and realities such as Earth (Other World) and Daventry.


Cyberspace is a shared reality between various realms such as the Other World and the world of Daventry (it allows a link between one universe and others). Thus it allows a connection between the physical realities, as well as the game realities.

Somehow Derek Karlavaegen had learned to use a computer he found in Manannan's House (which he called the Eye Between the Worlds to access cyberspace across the multiverse and contact the Spears and others.[1]

Cyberspace was also the way that the wanderer received help via a computer as well.

Cyberspace being the digital realm is also the location of the game universes (game realities) themselves. Graham and Rosella have been pulled from their realm into the universe of Hoyle a few times, where they were stuck competing on card and board games with others of the greater Sierra universe. They were told they and their universe existed inside a game, but couldn't believe it.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cyberspace is also the primarily medium in which players are able to manipulate and control characters from within the games.

As noted by the Spears, cyberspace is an earth-based word, from the Derek's POV cyberspace might be related to the aether.


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