Cthulhu is a great old one, a dark elder god (great gods). He is greatly feared in Daventry, and worshiped by few.


Cthulhu is a great squid.

Iä R'lyea! Cthulhu ftagn! Iä! Iä! is a great spell of power to the god Cthulhu. The spell once killed many of the pirates that once kidnapped Alexander, after Alexander cast a great storm spell on them to destroy them some weeks after his return home. It swallowed them after after it crushed them in its tentacles. The lone survivor washed up on the coast of Llewdor babbling about his shipmates, and kept whimpering the creature's name. His mind had been shattered by the experience and he only continued to chatter incoherently.[1]

The spell speaks of both the god and the city R'lyea where he lies dreaming.

The inhabitants of Whateley Manor, the former people of Innsmouth were great sorcerers and may have been worshipers of Cthulhu. When they withdrew, most went into the sea perhaps heading for R'lyea.

He maybe one of the paradimensional deities.


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