Crystal Dragons are a type of dragon made out of crystal that live both in the world of Daventry and the Realm of Eldritch. All known crystal dragons appear to be female. They are immortal. They are able to speak the common language.


Vulcanix UndergroundEdit

File:CrystaldragonKQ7.jpg A Crystal Dragon was the guardian of a large pile of red diamonds within a Dragon's Lair (a crystalline cavern) in a remote section of the Vulcanix Underground where she guards an immense pile of red diamonds. At some point, the spark for her fire goes out and she loses the will to live. When Rosella has been transported to the Underground, she locates the dragon in search of one of her scales, an ingredient for a potion that Mathilde can used to return Rosella back to her human form. Using fire from a lantern she is carrying, Rosella restores the dragon's spark. In return, the dragon gives Rosella a diamond and promises her one of the dragon's scales when she returns from enjoying a flight. When Rosella returns, the dragon is sleeping and cannot be awakened, but Rosella is able to remove a scale using the Hammer and Chisel.[1]

Frozen ReachesEdit


Another Crystal Dragon lived in a temple on the cliffs of the Frozen Reaches. When Connor showed the dragon he had Queen Freesa's Crystal Scepter, she allowed Connor to ride on her back to fly across the Great Icy Lake and higher into the mountains, to reach the area where the Ice Orcs lived.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Although female (the voice actor is Ruth Kobart), the Vulcanix dragon has a rather deep voice which would mislead the player into thinking she is male. Rosella does address her as "madam", but only after she has heard the dragon's dilemma. Otherwise, no evidence is given that the dragon is female.

A Knight to RememberEdit

A line in Chapter I: A Knight to Remember, suggests that the crystal dragon of Eldritch in the Reboot Canon is named Susan and she is a friend of Olfie the Bridge Troll They along with Bill the Yeti had a picnic the week before Graham came to Daventry to enter the Knight Tournament.


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