The Crypt is a landmark in eastern Tamir.


The Crypt was a stone crypt dug into a mountainside in the Impossible Mountains in the days of ancient Aegypt by priestesses. The priestesses built an an elaborate tomb into the mountain. Pandora's Box was hidden there, guarded by a mummy for eons.[1] Built into the very rock of the mountains, the tomb was there even before Whateley Manor appeared in Tamir. Priestesses of Aegypt are rumored to have hidden their own mystic treasures within and sealed the gate with Words of Power. There is a keyhole, so while no one had been able to force their way inside, the finder of the proper key could discover the crypt's secrets.[2]

While its unclear how they obtained it, the inhabitants of Whateley Manor obtained the key, hiding it in the secret organ inside of the haunted house. Rosella was able to discover the Sheet Music that opened up the secret compartment on the organ which held the key, allowing her to unlock the tomb. Inside she obtained Pandora's Box. After defeating Lolotte, Rosella returned to the crypt and placed Pandora's Box back within. After locking the door, Rosella kicked the key underneath it into the crypt so that no one could ever enter again and potentially unleash the evils contained within Pandora's Box.

An interesting statue of a lion is mounted above the crypt door.


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