Crown Isle Docks


The Docks

The Crown Isle Docks is the location where the "the ferry", the Island Queen, embarks from the Isle of the Crown. It is reached by following the Ferry Road from the Village of the Crown.


The docks are a place of bustle and excitement, even the humblest citizen of the Isle of the Crown frequently enjoys visiting the other islands in the kingdom. It is located in a small cove on the eastern side of the island[1].

All travel between the Islands is focused at the docks and, indeed at a single vessel, the Island Queen run by Hassan, the Crown's royal mariner. Before Abdul Alhazred closed the ferry down due to the civil unrest he had secretly instigated, it was well-maintained as befit its value to the kingdom. The boat had been put into dry dock, and the docks began to fall apart to due to disrepair. At Cassima's command, following the defeat of Abdul Alhazred, she had Shamir Shamazel repair the boat and the docks so that it could be used to travel around the islands once again[2].

Behind the scenesEdit

In the picture of the Docks from the Guidebook, you can see 2-3 individuals in the Ferry. This is a young Hassan and his father (and possibly Derek Karlavaegen).


  1. Narrator (KQ6): "The waters in this cove appear calm..."
  2. Saladin (KQ6): "With Shamir saved, and his power used for good, reuniting the islands will be far easier. He has already repaired the ferry."
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