The Cross is a symbol found on many churches in the world of Daventry. It it is a representation of the cross which Christ died on to save the world.


Graham received a shiny silver cross dangling from a silver chain. It is protective item that was given to Graham by the Monk at the Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury. When he entered the monastery, he walked up to the Monk, kneeled, then prayed. The Monk was impressed by his humility and asked him his name, Graham told him, and the Monk gave him the cross.

Wearing this or showing it to Dracula is the only way to survive encountering the evil vampire. Wearing the cross also protected Graham from the ghosts.[1]

Crosses can also be seen atop the Monastery and inside its chapel. The large wooden cross is plain and simple and an altar of polished oak supports it. The monks in simple clothing bend in prayer towards the cross on the altar.

Crosses can also be seen in and around the Church in Daventry town. There are cross-shaped tombstone in the Whateley cemeteries

Behind the scenesEdit

Known simply as the "cross" in the inventory screen.


  1. Narrator (KQ2): "The two spirits are afraid of the silver cross you are wearing around your neck. They slowly float away and disappear."
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