Crispin is a character from King's Quest V (NES), who is based on Crispin from King's Quest V for PC. He is the Kingdom of Daventry's wizard but lives in Serenia.


King Graham leaves Castle Daventry to walk in the nearby woods. In his absence, a great wind whirls in and swallows up the castle and everyone inside. When Graham returns but finds no home, he immediately suspects that his long-time enemy, the evil sorcerer, Mordack, is behind the disappearance. His suspicions are confirmed by Cedric, an owl who witnessed the strange occurrence. With the help of Crispin, the kingdom's wizard, and accompanied by Cedric, Graham sets out to find his home and family and return them to their rightful place. In the beginning, his only weapon is a worthless wand, but he gradually finds items that will be useful to him on his quest.

The wise owl Cedric who witnessed the tragedy accompanies Graham on his journey, offering guidance and advice which he receives from the friendly old warlock.

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