The court physician was one of Castle Daventry's royal physicians.


He and the other royal physicians looked over King Graham as he lay dieing in bed, after a massive heart attack. They could do no good. Nothing would help the king, neither their healing herbs and ointments, magical invocations, nor laying on hands[1].

He also looked over Graham's soulless body. There was nothing he could do, as the situation beyond his powers. He could not find anything wrong with the body physically. He only knew that the source of the ailment was a matter of the spirit, of the soul, and beyond his providence. He did what he could to maintain Graham's physical well being, while Alexander journeyed to the Floating Castle save his father.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

He was an old man with a forked beard and grey eyes.

Behind the scenesEdit

This could be the same individual as Master Josiah, although their descriptions are different, neither description necessarily contradicts the other. Also the novels imply the castle only has one 'court healer/physician'. Alternatively he could be the same character as the Doctor from KQ1SCI, although the doctor in KQ1 did not have a beard (and only a mustache in the game), but he could have grown a beard. The court physician's hair color is never described so it could fit both ways.


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