The Council is a leading body in Daventry made up of the King and his most trusted advisors, officials and others. Usually called when Daventry faces danger. Sometimes outside experts may be called in to give their own voiced opinions.

When the king is away the Seneschel is in charge of the council. Rosella was also once a member of the Council when duty required her to save the kingdom (there were no other royal members to represent, and she had also helped cause the problems). The Council often meets in the council chambers, and sometimes in the Great Hall.

The Piper and Ref Tirone were allowed to sit on some of the Council meetings, when the sloks and weevils took over Daventry.

The Council may also be acting Law body of sorts helping the king create and in act laws, but this is never specified. When it comes to enforcing the law those who are on trial come before the Judgment Seat on the first moon of each month, where the King, Queen (or other member of the Royalty) or the Seneschal presides listening to disputes and making decisions.

Council MembersEdit

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